Single Coil Noise / Noisy Guitars

Have you ever played at one of “those” places where no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of the single coil buzz? Or you are too close to your computer monitor at home and the noise drives you crazy? As much as we love the tone and response of a great single coil pickup, the bottom line is it can be noisy. This leaves you with three options to resolve it.

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New Crook Guitar Finishes: Paisley on Butterscotch and Hot Rod Diamond Plate

After many customer requests for new finishes, I came up with two that I think turned out pretty cool. I started experimenting with my paisley finish and took it in a new direction. The other finish is brand new and speaks to my interest in hot rod patterns. Let me know if you want either of these new finishes on your custom build. Continue reading

New Hot Rod Pattern – Engine Turned Aluminum Guitar

If you love show cars and hot rods, you’ve seen engine turned aluminum used on everything from truck beds to tailgates. I found a paper that looks just like the swirled pattern so that you can get the engine turned look on your guitar while preserving the traditional wooden guitar tone. For my first experiment, I took the finish a step further by spraying a transparent candy apple red over the pattern to get a holographic look that really jumps. It ended up being my top attention-getter at the Nashville guitar show. Continue reading

Custom Short Scale Bass with Long Scale Bass Sound

Having been a mechanic for 25 years, Don was troubled with hand flexibility issues that made it hard to continue playing his 34” 4-string bass. He was looking for a short scale bass that would still sound like a long scale and would be comfortable and lightweight enough to play from his favorite chair. We talked about how to customize a bass that would fit his needs. Continue reading

Guitar Tuning Problems? Quick Nut Fixes

Have you ever tuned your guitar and checked its intonation, but when you play an open chord it sounds out of tune? You reach up and re-tune and now the chord sounds fine. When you play a different chord, it’s out of tune again. It’s like a cat chasing its tail. Before spending money on a new set of tuners, you may find that most of the time, the problem is with the nut. Continue reading