Vintage Pink Paisley Print in the Paint Booth

The new vintage pink paisley print has made it into the paint booth where I’ve applied the side color and tint and some clear coat. This really brings out the details of the new silver embossed textured background paper. If you look closely, you can see the same details and depth as the original paper. I’m really happy with the sharpness and clarity and the accuracy of the print in both color and registration.

Pink Paisley Paint Booth 1As accurate as the paper is, the coloring and tinting is just as important to me. I’ve compared original paisley guitars and looked at photos side-by-side, and it’s clear that no two fade exactly the same. To be true to the diverse aging of the originals, I hand-tint each paisley as a unique relic piece.

Pink Paisley Paint Booth 2

Check back here soon for photos of completed instruments. At that time, I’ll start taking orders for new custom vintage accurate pink paisleys as well as have several of them for immediate sale.

Clay Cook Zak Brown Band Pink Paisley

Clay Cook of the Zac Brown Band has been playing the first prototype on the road. In addition to the new paisley finish, his guitar was a total custom build that included his own neck specs, APC and Voodoo pickups and compensated saddles.

>>See Clay playing the new Crook pink paisley at the 2012 CMA Music Festival award show.


  1. LaVern Conley says:

    Bill, as always looks great. I think you have nailed the color,aging,tint process down. Anyone who orders one will be quite pleased with not only a super looking guitar but a super playing guitar.

    1. bill crook says:

      Hi Lavern,
      Thanks for the kind words. It’s been a long, slow, and expensive project but I’m pleased with how it has turned out.
      Do I see a pink paisley Esquire in your future?

      thanks again

  2. LaVern Conley says:

    Bill, it is quite possible to see a Pink Paisley Esquire in my future, as for saying something good about your guitars, it comes easy. Quality and good customer service deserves such.

  3. They look Great and Sound Great !!!!