Crook Guitars for Sale at Nashville Guitar Show

Just wanted to let you know I will be at the Nashville Guitar show March 14-15.  I had such a good time meeting everyone last year I decided to do it again.

I will have a large selection of guitars to check out, including some new models, pickup combinations, and colors as well as some old favorites. It will be the largest selection of my guitars under one roof (unless you go to Brad’s house).

So stop by say hi, check out some guitars and take one home if you find one you like. I look forward to seeing everyone at the show.

Crook Guitars Nashville Guitar Show 2015



Fat Humbucker Sound and T-Style Neck in Hybrid Guitar

Many Crook hybrid guitars start out the same way. Players aren’t sure what they want, they just know what they have isn’t quite cutting it. A hybrid isn’t just about focusing on one feature. The guitar comes about because a customer is looking for the right feel and a particular sound they haven’t been able to find in one guitar. Continue reading