Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Ordering a Custom Guitar

You can help your custom guitar builder guide you to the guitar that is best suited for you, whether you want to show off a unique look, dial in your signature sound, or combine features not normally found on one guitar. Start dreaming about your fantasy guitar by asking yourself three important questions.

 What guitar neck size feels comfortable and right for me?

  • Which neck do you like the best of your guitars or a guitar you’ve played before? Why?
  • Are your current necks too small or big?
  • What is your ideal neck shape?
  • What fingerboard radius do you like?
  • What size frets do you like?

Follow these steps on how to measure your favorite guitar neck.

What kind of sound do I want to get out of the guitar?

  • What kind of music do you play? Do you want the guitar tone to be traditional thin and twangy, modern country, full-out rock, or bluesy?
  • Where do you want to play the guitar primarily? In a well-controlled environment like a studio or on-stage for live performances?
  • What is your setup? What kind of amps and pedals do you play through?
  • Do you have a favorite artist’s sound that you like?
  • What pickups have you used in the past? What do you like and dislike about the sound they produce?

Listen to different pickup configurations demoed on Crook guitars.

 What do I want the guitar to look like?

  • What body style do you like? Do you prefer binding?
  • What colors have jumped out at you to make you want to pick up a guitar and check it out?
  • Do you want the natural wood grain to show through?
  • Do you want a traditional finish such as a classic car color?
  • Do you want a flashy finish such as a metallic or metalflake?
  • Do you want to get away from paint and have a graphic print?
  • Do you want a traditional or modern style of hardware?

To find colors, search Google Images using “guitar colors” or “guitar color charts” and see what stands out to you.

TCP Global has a great metalflake color chart.

Look at these Crook guitars for paint and graphic print ideas: Paisleys | Hybrids | Other Colors | Basses

If you have questions or want to order a Crook Custom Guitar, contact Bill Crook or check out the Crook Guitar FAQ page. You can also read Should I Buy a Custom Made Electric Guitar? to help you decide if a custom guitar is for you.