Single Coil Noise / Noisy Guitars

Have you ever played at one of “those” places where no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of the single coil buzz? Or you are too close to your computer monitor at home and the noise drives you crazy? As much as we love the tone and response of a great single coil pickup, the bottom line is it can be noisy. This leaves you with three options to resolve it.

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Guitar Tuning Problems? Quick Nut Fixes

Have you ever tuned your guitar and checked its intonation, but when you play an open chord it sounds out of tune? You reach up and re-tune and now the chord sounds fine. When you play a different chord, it’s out of tune again. It’s like a cat chasing its tail. Before spending money on a new set of tuners, you may find that most of the time, the problem is with the nut. Continue reading

How to Clean and Polish Your Guitar

I am amazed constantly when I see beautiful guitars smeared with dirt and gunk. My guess is players fear they’ll damage the finish, so they use conventional guitar polishes that do not clean anything really. Those polishes tend to attract more dirt than they repel, and you end up with a hazy coating that looks like your aunt’s end table layered with lemon Pledge. Continue reading

How to Measure a Guitar Neck

The shape and feel of a neck are one of the most important things for a guitar to feel right. No matter how pretty a guitar is or how good it sounds, when you don’t love the way the neck feels in your hand, you’re not going to play it much. Due to variance in hand sanding, finish and other details, no two guitar necks are exactly alike – even from manufacturer model to model. So the only way to get close to that ONE neck that feels right, you need to measure it.

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