Pink Paisley Guitars for Sale and for Orders

I have four pink paisley guitars for sale as examples of my new vintage accurate pink paisley paper with the textured silver background that has eluded me for years. The guitars are not meant to be exact reproductions of the original paisleys. These instruments are inspired by the look of the past built with the modern features that I use on my custom guitars.

Crook Pink Paisley Guitars for Sale and Order

The paisleys are not cookie-cutter duplicates of each other. Each guitar is a one-of-a-kind instrument. No two original paisleys age the same, and I’ve taken that approach with these guitars. The paisley pattern is applied in different locations, and the burst edges differ in size and color. Each guitar has a unique faded clearcoat that is cracked in varying degrees.

Buy a Pink Paisley Now

If you want to purchase one of these four pink paisley shop-builds for sale, contact me and let me know which one you want. Provide your phone number so that I can give you more information.

Pink Paisley T-Style – SOLD!

Pink Paisley E-Style – SOLD!

Pink Paisley T-Style with Bigsby – SOLD!

Pink Paisley T-Style Bass

Order a Custom Pink Paisley

If you would like the new pink paisley finish on a Crook Custom Guitar built to your specs, I am now taking orders. Give me a call, and we can talk details to make your paisley look exactly the way you want. The options are wide open from lightly faded to extremely aged.




  1. Chad Weaver says:

    What? No Floyd version?! Very cool stuff Bill… the paper is looking better every time you build one.

  2. LaVern Conley says:

    Bill, those are some class examples of your work…head n shoulders above the rest. Awesome work….

  3. Roger Hoard says:

    Great looking Paisleys. Like a time machine only better.

  4. LaVern Conley says:

    Bill, they look awesome as always. The E-Guitar is especially neat and cool looking. Your spot on with the Pink Paisley look.

  5. Chad Smith says:

    Wow!!! These are amazing Bill!
    You’ve nailed it, Great job!

  6. Tristen Smith says:

    Holy S*** Bill! Those are so good its mind blowing! I can’t tell the difference between yours and the original. Awesome job!