Four New Features You Haven’t Seen Before in Crook Guitars

New guitar alert! Here’s four new features that you haven’t seen before in a Crook Custom Guitar: carbon fiber finish, unique stamped bridge, angled control plate and a newly redesigned McVay bender.

Carbon Fiber Finish

The new finish is modeled after the carbon fiber pattern used in the automotive and sporting goods industry. In the same technique as the paisleys, I applied the paper on the front, back and sides, then accented with double black binding for an industrial look. This allows me to give customers the sound of their favorite wooden body while getting the realistic look of carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber Guitar Body Front

Stamped Bridge

I turned to my friend Marc at Rutters Guitars for some unique hardware. His new stamped bridge with steel compensated saddles intonates perfectly with a custom-wound Voodoo pickup for a nice vintage sound.

Carbon Fiber Guitar Pickup

Angled Control Plate

I also used a control plate with the switch mounted on an angle. This makes it so much easier to use the switch without hitting the volume knob. To keep with the vibe of the guitar, I covered the control plate with the carbon fiber paper and used black knobs to complete the look.

Carbon Fiber Guitar Control Plate

Redesigned McVay Bender

This carbon fiber guitar features the new version of the McVay bender. Charlie moved the finger out of the bridge and mounted it in the body behind the bridge, so now you can keep the saddles that come with your guitar. When it comes to adjustments on the bridge or changing pickups, it’s as if there is no bender and it does not change the sound of the guitar.

Carbon Fiber Guitar Body Back

Brad Paisley already has this carbon fiber model and one of my customers snagged the other prototype. If you like the look, the finish can be applied to any guitar or bass. Give me a call if you’re interested in adding the stamped bridge or angled control plate to your T-style or E-style guitar. For the new bender, contact McVay Benders to arrange your installation.

>>See photo and guitar specs


  1. Gary Jarvis says:

    Wow Bill!! Super nice!! I’m a sucker for carbon fiber. Nice upgrades. I’m saving up now!

    1. bill crook says:

      Hi Gary, Glad you like it. I’m here when you are ready

  2. Jim Miller says:

    As a lover of all things Carbon (guitars that is) I have personally got play & check this mighty fine guitar. I have to say it’s one of the neatest guitars I’ve ever had the pleasure to play at Bill’s Shop. Great Job Mr. Bill!

  3. Brian Boatman says:

    I take it this is Brad’s “Corvette” guitar? I saw it last weekend. It looks awesome and as always sounds great. The two of you are an unbeatable combination!

    1. bill crook says:

      Hi Brian, Yes that is BP’s “Corvette” guitar. Photo’s where done before the Corvette logo was added

      Yes, working with Brad keeps thing interesting?

  4. Steve Walstrom says:

    Aww, man, I thought I was going to get the first Crook with a double black binding on a largely black guitar. J/k. Looks great, Bill!

  5. LaVern Conley says:

    Bill, you went and did it again. Sharp looking and really like that Rutter’s bridge. Nice stuff. I have a carbon acoustic so it looks like I need a Tele to match..

  6. Tristen says:

    Absolutely killer! Every time I see one of these new guitar posts my gears start turning.

  7. Nathan B says:

    Im saving up. After seeing and hearing about your guitars after a brad paisley concert and online i dont think id buy any other guitar. I love the G bender and angled plate! Unfortunatley it will be awhile till a can aford one. what would you say is the average paisley tele cost? do the different color of paisley paper affect the price of the tele?

  8. Chad says:

    Great stuff Bill! The guitar looked amazing on TV too!