Four New Crook Custom Guitar Colors

Here’s four new Crook Custom Guitar colors.

Red and White Sparkle Paisley

A red paisley print on a white sparkle paper gives a “Candy sparkle” effect to the print along with red metalflake sides and bursting on the front and back makes for a very three-dimensional finish.

Red and White Sparkle Paisley Crook Custom Guitars

Blue Sparkle S-Style

This hardtail S-style guitar features Voodoo sweet modern pickups and the “Water” metalflake finish.

Blue Sparkle S-Style Crook Custom Guitars

Butterscotch T-Style

This guitar features a one-piece swamp ash body, black pickguard, APC & Voodoo pickups for a very classic look.

Butterscotch T-Style

Gold T-Style

Inspired by Danny Gatton, this guitar features a large baked maple neck, gold frost paint and the new Barden “modern” pickups.

Gold T-Style Crook Custom Guitars


  1. Mitch Simon says:

    Looks great Bill! The BSB looks exactly like the Crook Custom I just bought from John Schmidt. Thinking about what I’d like my next Crook to be.

  2. MojoCaster says:

    Bill, I love your artistry. Keep up the great work!

  3. LaVern Conley says:

    Bill, I am loving that Gold T color. I think I need one just like it. That Danny Gatton color always was a favorite of mine. Great paint colors as always.

  4. Tristen says:

    Very Nice Bill! They all look great and I know, from my last visit, that the gold one sounds killer too.

  5. Peter says:

    Love the new colors! The New Paisley Looks Sharp, perhaps just as sharp and the vintage vibe ones! The Blue Sparkle is a great blue, and LOVE the Gatton inspired gold!

  6. Chad says:

    Great stuff as usual Bill!
    You are world class!