New Crook Guitar Finishes: Paisley on Butterscotch and Hot Rod Diamond Plate

After many customer requests for new finishes, I came up with two that I think turned out pretty cool. I started experimenting with my paisley finish and took it in a new direction. The other finish is brand new and speaks to my interest in hot rod patterns. Let me know if you want either of these new finishes on your custom build.

Black and Butterscotch Paisley

What do you do when you can’t make up your mind between a butterscotch finish and a black paisley? You combine them! The black paisley is on a transparent background allowing the grain and butterscotch finish to show through.

Black and Butterscotch Paisley Crook Custom Guitars

>>See the Black Paisley and Butterscotch photo and specs

Diamond Plate

Along with the carbon fiber and engine turned metal finishes, I came up with a new hot rod finish that has the look of aluminum diamond plate without adding a metal top that would change the sound of the guitar.

Diamond Plate Finish Crook Custom Guitars

>>See the Diamond Plate photo and specs

>>See the Engine Turned Aluminum photo and specs

>>See the See the Carbon Fiber photo and specs