Clean and Condition Your Rosewood Fingerboard

Many people have asked me, “How do I clean and condition my rosewood fingerboard?” Here is the simple and inexpensive way that I do it.

1. First, use a bit of naptha on a paper towel to clean and remove all dirt. Sometimes it takes several applications to get it all off.

Clean and Condition Your Rosewood Fingerboard

2. Once the fingerboard is dry, apply a bit of the old-fashioned 3-In-1 oil to a rag, and rub it into the wood.

Clean and Condition Your Rosewood Fingerboard

3. Allow the oil to dry, and buff it off with a clean paper towel.

Clean and Condition Your Rosewood Fingerboard

The thing I like about this technique is that it darkens the color of the rosewood a bit. It feels great, and it doesn’t attract dirt like many commercial fingerboard conditioners do. Give it a try, and see how you like it.


  1. JohnK24 says:

    Wow…3 in 1 Oil ?! I’m trying this on my Les Paul this weekend. I’ve used Homer Formby Lemon Oil in the past, but didn’t like the greasy after feel – even after several wipe downs.

    Thanks for the tip Bill.


    1. Jeffer says:

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  2. bill crook says:

    Hi John, Just checking in to see if you got to try it on your Les Paul? Let me know it worked for you