New Pink Paisley Paper: Vintage Accurate, BP Approved

Over the years, I have worked to make my pink paisley paper the best it could be. Although I wondered if I had taken the technique as far as it could go, that paper has always been in the back of my mind. In the past few months, I sat down with my new graphic artist and printer, and we developed a technique that has me really excited.

Vintage Pink Paisley Side by Side

Combining the latest hi-tech equipment with old school methods, we came up with a new pink paisley paper that is very vintage-accurate. The photo shows the new paper next to the original.

I showed the prototype to collectors, vintage dealers and paisley enthusiasts, and they all feel it is an accurate reproduction of the original paper details, down to the textured silver background.

After I showed the paper to Brad Paisley, his reaction was “BC, you’ve nailed it.”

Look for another post soon with more photos of the paper. I’m not taking orders just yet, but when I release in a few weeks, I’ll announce it on the site and blog. Plus, I’ll have photos and specs showing new pink paisleys that will be for immediate sale.


  1. Chad says:

    I have seen the original 68 and I have seen Bill’s new paper. It’s the bomb! No question about it, this paper is dead on accurate and you can only get it from Crook Custom Guitars. All others pale in comparison.

    Way to go Bill!!
    You are amazing, Sir!

  2. Marc Rutters says:

    That’s flat out amazing! I want on that waiting list please.

  3. Tristen says:

    I saw Zac Brown’s guitar player playing the “NEW” pink paisley for the pre-game show for the MLB All-Star Game’s Home Run Derby. It looks absolutely incredible!

    You nailed it Bill!

  4. William Aikens says:

    Please keep me informed about your new Pink Paisley. I have been following you all for two years now and am in the market for a new custom guitar. This might make my decision.


  5. Ryan Dovel says:

    Can’t wait to see what an aged version of this paper will look like!

    1. bill crook says:

      Hi Ryan, Hang in there. I will have an update coming up soon

  6. Alex says:

    The new paper looks spot on Bill! Version 1 already looked amazing, can’t wait to see the new one up close. I’ll 2nd the excitement on seeing an aged version. Superb work from a master at his art!